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In order for the children to enjoy their stay with us as much as possible, it is necessary that you equip them with the following things from home:

  • Comfortable and practical indoor clothing: The child will spend most of the day in this clothing. It is therefore very important that you feel really comfortable in it.

  • Slippers: Any comfortable shoes that the child will only wear in class.

  • Outside Clothes (adapt to the season): We recommend one outfit for the sand, where the child can get dirty, and another for walks.

  • Raincoat: The weather is sometimes unfavorable, so everyone should have a raincoat available.

  • Spare Clothes: With children, you never know what they will bring out or what will happen, so a complete spare set of clothes is advisable.

  • Plastic bottle: The child will keep their bottle with them the whole day. 

  • Backpack: A small backpack for the dressing room.

  • Tissues: Even if you don't have a cold, a tissue in your pocket is always good.