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Abacus English Preschool is the First English Kindergarten in České Budějovice founded in 2016. We are an independent, educational kindergarten for children from ages 2 to 7, offering a superior preschool education in English language. Our kindergarten is open for children of all nations with or without a knowledge of English.

We are located near the centre of Ceske Budejovice. Promoting outdoor learning is at the forefront of our thinking so we offer a wide range of outdoor activities with a focus on Health and Wellbeing.

We follow the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which ensures that children’s progress is carefully monitored across the key areas of their development. We offer a curriculum that is both challenging and thoughful, cultivating the intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth of our children. Our pedagogy is grounded in continuing revelation, reflection, integrity, and a willingness to accept responsibility. Our children participate in a progress designed to foster creative, critical, and flexible thinking, along with compassion.

Our team of qualified and experienced staff, support children in gaining independence and fulfilling their potential in a safe, caring and stimulating environment.

Our kindergarten has its own high standard, purpose-designed premises and offers a happy and encouraging environment in which a child may develop pre-school skills confidently. We provide through careful organisation and planning, foundations upon which children can build a sound education and reach their full potential. This will be achieved through a variety of games and activities – storytelling, reading, writing, mathematics, science, constructive building and modeling, art, dance, music and outdoor play. From the outset, children learn English language through natural everyday cummunication and through games and activities, making English language become a normal and natural part of their lives.

For us, our most important aim is to provide a warm and friendly environment in which children can feel happy and secure enough to begin their education for life and to supports all children well as they make the transition into Czech or English Primary School.

We are proud of all the children who attend Abacus English Preschool and we hope you will come and visit us and see for yourself what makes The Abacus English Preschool so special!


  • English Kindergarten for children from 2 to 7
  • Afternoon After School English Clubs for children
  • Afternoon English Classes for children
  • Afternoon English Classes for adults
  • English Summer Camps for children

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