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Abacus English Preschool is the first and only English Nursery, Kindergarten and Primary School in České Budějovice founded in 2016. We are an independent, educational institution for children from ages 1 to 11, offering a superior preschool and primary education in English language. Our nursery, kindergarten and primary school is open for children of all nationalities, regardless of their proficiency in English.

We follow the British Curriculum which ensures that children's progress is carefully monitored across the key areas of their development. Grounded in the principles of reflection, integrity, and responsibility, our pedagogy aims to foster intellectual, spiritual, and ethical growth.  At our nursery, kindergarten, and primary school, we prioritize fostering creative, critical, and flexible thinking, alongside compassion. Our purpose-designed premises uphold high standards, offering a joyful and supportive environment where children can confidently develop. Through thoughtful organization and planning, we lay the groundwork for children to excel academically and personally. Our approach encompasses a wide array of engaging activities, including storytelling, reading, writing, mathematics, science, building and modeling, art, dance, music, and outdoor play. From day one, we integrate English language learning into everyday interactions and activities, seamlessly integrating it into our students' lives. This ensures that English becomes a natural and integral part of their development journey.

Our wonderful team of qualified and experienced staff supports children in gaining independence and fulfilling their potential in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. We pride ourselves on our ability to create positive, enganging, and encouraging environments. Our team also includes several Native English Speakers, who create an immersive language experience for our children. They bring real-world insights to our classrooms, making learning English dynamic and engaging. 

For us, our most important aim is to provide a warm and friendly environment in which children can feel happy and secure enough to begin their education for life and to support all children well as they make the transition into Czech or English Primary School.

We are proud of all the children who attend Abacus English Preschool and we hope you will come and visit us and see for yourself what makes Abacus English Preschool and Primary School so special!

Our Mission Statement:

"Our mission at Abacus English Preschool is to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where children from diverse backgrounds can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Guided by the British Curriculum, we are dedicated to fostering holistic development and a love for learning in our students. Through innovative teaching methods and a commitment to excellence, we empower children to reach their full potential while instilling values of integrity, compassion, and global citizenship. Our passionate team of educators, including Native English Speakers, ensures an immersive and enriching educational experience that prepares children for success in an ever-changing world. At Abacus English Preschool, we believe that every child deserves a foundation for lifelong learning and achievement."

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