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Are you looking for a suitable English school for your children that combines teaching in English and Czech? Do you want to give your children the best? Join us! to 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade for the 2024/25 school year. We accept children with advanced knowledge of English as well as complete beginners. We prefer an individual approach, patience and understanding.


We support children's natural curiosity and desire for knowledge. It is important for us that the first school years are joyful, creative and full of experiences and achievements for children and that together with us they develop a positive attitude towards learning, school and further studies.


  • We teach most subjects in English
  • We are dedicated to the written and spoken form of the English language
  • Our team consists of experienced English teachers and classes are taught by native speakers every day.
  • The basis for our work are teaching materials according to the British curriculum.
  • It is important for us that the first school years for children are joyful, creative and full of experiences and successes
  • We prefer a small number of children in the class, which allows us an individual and fair approach and maximum attention for each child.
  • We support children's natural curiosity and desire for knowledge
  • We lead children to moral values, responsibility and independence.
  • We emphasize a kind, individual approach and the overall development of each child in the mental, moral, social, emotional and physical areas.
  • We educate children for a healthy lifestyle - healthy diet + proper drinking regime + year-round sports activities
  • We rely on a family and friendly atmosphere
  • Our English program is complemented by a wide range of activities: physical education lessons, music education, art education, cooking and baking lessons, montessori activities and sports activities - swimming, skating, yoga, dance lessons.
  • We provide morning classes for children: cooking and baking lessons, ceramics class, visual arts class, dance class.
  • Every year we organize an outdoor school, a ski course, sleepovers at school, visits to the ZOO, the South Bohemian Museum, the Planetarium, the theater and a number of other trips and activities outside the kindergarten.
  • We rely on a clean and modernly equipped environment
  • We use Montessori teaching aids
  • We believe in a modern teaching style
  • We provide morning and afternoon care


  • Express yourself freely, share your own opinions, ideas and attitudes
  • Listen to others
  • Trying to act and behave in such a way that we can be satisfied with ourselves
  • To be kind to the people around us
  • Ask for help, offer help to another, share and cooperate
  • Discover, research and think critically. Remembering that the effort along the way is more important than the result
  • Respect the differences of others and try to understand them\
  • Let your imagination run wild and don't be afraid to be different
  • Take care of your surroundings and nature - maintain order, save water, energy and materials

We strive for ABACUS Primary School children to be:

Well-educated: they are able to apply and transfer their knowledge and skills, express thoughts, emotions, ideas in several languages.

Creative: they are able to ask questions and look for answers, connections and logic.

Respectful:  they are able to act honestly, fairly, sensitively, responsibly and with respect to others.

Courageous: They are able to enthusiastically accept new challenges and changes, willing to take healthy risks and get to know new cultures while at the same time appreciating their own culture.

Independent: They are able to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, set goals and organize their work.

Balanced:  They are able to work while maintaining physical, intellectual and mental well-being.


If you are interested in your child attending our Abacus Primary School, write to for more information and an application. Write to us and arrange a personal meeting with us and come see us. We look forward to seeing you!