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Our Learning Philosophy

At Abacus English Preschool, we use the most effective way of teaching children - learning through all-day interactive communication, games and experiences. This provides a kind, open and captivating environment for children where they feel comfortable and safe.

Our Learning Philosophy includes: 

Systematic Planning: Games, projects, teaching methods, and plans are meticulously prepared and detailed to ensure engaging and effective learning experiences.

Promoting Physical Activity: Providing ample opportunities for exercise and free play to support children's physical development and well-being. Offering activities such as ice skating lessons, swimming lessons, outdoor school, ski courses, and sleepovers in kindergarten.

Fostering Independent Needs: Allowing children the freedom to choose activities based on their interests and preferences. Creating an environment that supports natural exploration and fosters independence.

Enriching Experiences: Organizing a variety of trips and activities, including visits to the ZOO, the South Bohemian Museum, the Planetarium, the theater, and other cultural outings. Providing diverse learning opportunities to broaden children's horizons and stimulate their curiosity.

Our Philosophy as Educators

Our philosophy as teachers extends beyond academics to encompass the holistic development and well-being of every child.

As educators, we are committed to:

Supporting Children's Independence : We foster an environment that encourages children to take initiative and explore their interests, nurturing their sense of autonomy and self-reliance.

Inspiring a Love for Learning: We strive to ignite a passion for learning in each student, making education a captivating and enjoyable experience that sparks curiosity and drives personal growth.

Nurturing Personal Development: We recognize the uniqueness of each child and provide individualized support to help them develop their personalities, talents, and strengths.

Fostering Moral Values : We instill in our students a strong sense of morality, guiding them to recognize and uphold what is right and good in their interactions with others, laying the foundation for positive relationships and ethical behavior.

Respecting Diversity: We celebrate diversity and promote understanding and respect for different cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives, fostering an inclusive community.

Objectively Evaluating Performance: We use fair and unbiased assessment methods to objectively evaluate the results and performances of each student, providing constructive feedback and support for continuous improvement.

Fostering Lifelong Learners: We believe that education is a lifelong journey, and our role as teachers is to instill in our students a love for learning that extends far beyond the classroom. We strive to create an environment where curiosity is nurtured, questions are encouraged, and exploration is celebrated.

Promoting Creativity and Innovation: We recognize the importance of fostering creativity and innovation in today's rapidly changing world. Through hands-on activities, project-based learning, and creative expression, we encourage our students to think outside the box, take risks, and explore new ideas.

At Abacus English Preschool, our philosophy revolves around creating a dynamic and nurturing environment where every child can flourish. We prioritize systematic planning, physical activity, and diverse enrichment experiences to foster a love for learning. By encouraging independence and curiosity, we empower students to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally, preparing them for a bright and successful future.